Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Hotspots and issues

Don't have much time right now but lets see with so much going on all around the world, a spotlight on so many countries and personalities one needs think a lot before writting, what should one write about, Iraq, the recent attacks in Bali, Lebonan's strugges to break free of Syria, or the mdrassas of Pakistan. So much stuff, so little time. It seems that the whole world is a game of chess being played by the major players of the world. One day we see a skillful game between General Pervaiz Musharraf and President Bush, the next day brings another match of with between the Mullahs of Iran and the Indian Government. In each game we notice that there is lots of planning, smart moves (sometimes dumb moves), deception and so on forth. Each game is won or lost, seldom do we see a draw. One team wins and the other looses, but the main looser is not the player, the main looser in each of these games is the common man who is the pawn in all these games.

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