Thursday, October 20, 2005

Busy Busy Busy

Yo! I'm in one of those phases where my mind is a complete blank. I have no thoughts, no feeling, no nothings. Life has been busy as hell although I don't know why they say "busy as hell" i dont think there will be much to do in hell other then face your punishments well it could get rather busy with the kinds of things we have been up to these days, God help us all and show us the right path.

I just wish i can escape for a while even a week with out the cell phone, with no contact with anyone, no worries of work and not thinking of anythings just me relaxing somewhere no one can reach me, I'v been planning a vacation for quite some time now but its been impossible everytime something or the other happens and I cant leave. Hopefully I should be able to take a break from this soon. look at the time, I just got home from work, doing your own business is a hell of a lot tougher then a job I think........... Man I need a break and it better be soon otherwise BOOM, I WILL crack up.